Tokyo Top 10

Often with past posts you leave with some understanding of the activities I’ve been up to, a few laughs from various humorous stories but glean little of pragmatic use for potential travel.  While still attempting to be anecdotal, this post will try to provide some useful ideas and serve as a guide to anyone hoping to experience what is perhaps my favourite city on the planet – Tokyo!

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A Shanghai Way of Life

I write this post in the empty gloom of the deserted Beijing airport.  If my shiny new fake watch purchased in Shanghai is still ticking away correctly, the time is around 3am.  I am halfway between Hong Kong and the destination for my next adventure – Tokyo.  In some ways I am reminded of how I felt at the midpoint of my first journey from London to Hong Kong, I feel the same excitement as I did in Mumbai but this time I am comfortable travelling alone, at ease with being unaided and far more confident in exploring the unknown. The purpose of this post is not to look ahead but to recount my tale of Chinese New Year spent in Shanghai.

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A response to rumours

A number of negative aspersions have been cast over how I spend my time.  These rumours have reached my ears and in this post I hope to address them and put peoples’ minds at ease.

Some people have been saying such things as –

‘Robert Booth spends too much time in the library’
‘He needs to take his nose out of the books’
‘How’s he ever going to relax if all he does is work?’

Well I hope to provide a satisfactory response to this speculation by providing a brief description of a few of the activities that I partake in in my spare time for some enjoyment.

Wizards win the league

Wizards win the league

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My expertise

I was recently approached by an aspiring, young journalist and consulted on my considered expertise on the topic of ‘life in Hong Kong as an Exchange student’.

Please find the video below.  I appear at the beginning and then once again at the 1:58 mark.  Please enjoy.

A Thai Holiday

Hong Kong is Asia’s self-proclaimed ‘World City’. Part of this mighty claim comes from its travel links to the riches of the rest of Asia. Wishing to take full advantage of this, two mild-mannered, good-natured young men set off from Hong Kong International Airport to Thailand seeking to take full advantage of the glorious opportunities that the country has to offer.

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End of Year Peak Tram Party

Hong Kong is a lively place! This is a statement that I feel is accurate and perfectly encompasses the people, the atmosphere and the environment.   To the extent that even a relatively irritating and irksome chap like myself can make a wide circle of friends who are all up for the good times! With the end of exams and sadly the end of many exchange students’ time in Hong Kong, plans were hatched for the party to end all parties and an evening that will live on in the memory of those who were there and the authorities that would try and stop it!


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